So, you’re on a time crunch. You have less than 24 hours to rev up your social media marketing function. Take notice, you are not going to cut any corners with this one especially in 2019. Whatever you post has to be able to engage your audience just the way you intended to last year as well. You know that social media management can be extremely time-consuming but you just don’t have any right now and the only way to make it work is to act smart and be selective in the ways you are going to make the most of your existing content and also come up with last minute ideas to please your followers. It is going to be a mix of old and new, sharp and witty and also something that brings more value to the reader. If you get it right, 24 hours should be more than enough to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s begin with the fastest and most basic thing on our list though:

Reshare A Previously Successful Post

Have you ever knowingly or otherwise posted something that was able to garner a tremendous response from your viewers? Yes, we all have something like that in our kitty. If you can recall what that was or have a quick look through your archive and find that one most popular post and the original content in it once again, you can create the same magic once again. It will be targeted towards a new and fresh group of users of course and will also serve as a nostalgic reminder to the ones already following your every move on social media. So, don’t be hesitant to re-share your most popular social media content. It is a quick way to garner likes, shares and views.

Think Of Some New Ideas To Post

Well of course, now that you have already uploaded an old and effective post on your social media page, your job here ends, right? Wrong! In fact, if you want to ensure that your audience doesn’t see through your inability to come up with fresh content and start throwing random bouts of criticism at you and your brand, you better think of something equally or at least somewhat interesting and witty. You have to maintain a level of consistency in your social media marketing strategy. But this should not be done at a cost of quality. You will need to continually produce high-quality content every day. While you are basking in the warmth of the number of rising views and shares of your previously successful content, there is a major chunk of your audience that is eagerly awaiting a fresh post. Don’t give them an unfiltered or half baked brain dump of a post. Think it through and come with attractive content that shows that you care. Share a new image, or a new idea or a new feature that you have been thinking about incorporating in your product or anything that piques their interest.

Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Bio Copy

This is even a quicker way to attract more followers and get more likes and views in a very short period of time. You know how those really short and quirky snippets of copy work, right? These are featured in your bio or “about us” section. Undoubtedly these are one of the very first things your followers are going to see when they first log in or check out your social media profile. Give them something new and interesting to chew on. On such a short notice the best thing to do will be to write up a copy that says all about you and your brand. It could be fun and very interesting to include a perspective other than what you’ve been advocating till now. Change the font. Change the size of the text and maybe add a new picture of a new service that you have in works. Search for something industry relevant and powerful on the web and link that to your product or service and observe the impact that it creates.

Imagery Is The New Hook!

We just talked about adding a new picture to your bio copy. Yeah, that was not to be taken lightly at all. You need to check all your images for resolution, relevance and also the correct sizes. Images and any kind of pictorial representation are a very essential part of social media marketing. Don’t they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, we’re going to change that a bit. A picture is worth more than a thousand likes and shares and to be completely fair, you can turn the story around in just a few minutes of your fine-tuning or replacing your profile image. The visuals should be relevant and very much industry appropriate. Also, feel free to add more dynamic content such as audiovisuals and behind the scenes action of your product development efforts and fails. Upload an interview of one of your directors or developers or maybe creators of your brand and have them tell the story of your company till date. Direct this message straight to your audience and try to connect with them on a more human level. Always works like a charm!

Always Ask For Customer Feedback

Yes, you’ve done pretty much for one night and you still have 12 hours left. Let’s not waste this time on silly talk. It is time to know the reaction of your audience especially to the interview video of one of your creators. Start a conversation with them and ask for their feedback on everything, your images, videos and all new and repeat posts as well. This is an amazing way to engage them and learn more about them and what they want from your product and your marketing strategy in 2019. It only makes sense to do that and it only takes a few seconds to do that.

Take Out A Few Minutes To Research Your Competitors

Yes, the final 2 hours are left and you thought that chit-chatting with your customers and loyal followers is going to be an “in and out” kind of a thing. Anyway, it was worth every minute spent and now it is time to find out just how well your competitors are doing. Wash your eyes with warm water and begin researching about their brand and the path-breaking success that they have achieved on social media. What is the approach behind their marketing strategy? What seems to be lacking in yours when you compare the two? Use some tools to carry on a social media competitive analysis. Try to dissect your social media traffic. Locate key performance metrics that are most suitable to you and observe how similar audience demographics have responded to your competitors’ social posts. Doing this will let you discover the following:

  • Successful post/ content types
  • Most appropriate times and days to post content
  • Most engaging and interesting social media networks / channels
  • The frequency of their responses and comments
  • Types of content they prefer to consume

And To Wrap It Up!

By the time the clock hits the end of the final hour, you will know exactly what’s engaging your followers. Now, the only thing left to do is keep your eyes and ears open for notifications. You have done a fine job of revamping your social media marketing campaign in less than 24 hours. Set the phone aside and let slumber take over till the time for your next post chimes in.