Why is everyone talking so much about corporate videos and dynamic content? Is it the only way left to promote your brand? Whatever happened to reading articles and scanning through informative blogs and sitting in peace and reading a piece in silence? Actually, we don’t have time for it all anymore. This is why marketers are making the big switch to corporate videos and video marketing. Yes, online advertising is changing every day and we need to change with it. Your consumers are very less likely to consume information via text and static imagery. Video and social media and moving images are where we are headed and this is paving way for corporate video production services. We will see more of social platforms being used for explainer videos, vlogs and moving graphics and the like. But what makes it so much more effective as compared to more traditional methods of online marketing? Let’s find out!

1. Video Drives Engagement

The very first thing that you notice about motion graphics or videos or any kind of dynamic content is that it drives engagement much better and more than written content or imagery. Currently, the marketplace is oversaturated with marketers trying to grab the attention of the consumers and this has left nothing to the imagination. The end-user is exposed to a lot of noise and little really effective and actionable messages. You have to cut through it all and register in their minds what you are trying to convey to them. By posting a video, you’re likely to attract 3 times more inbound links than your plain text messages. This is because viewers spend 100% more time on websites and pages with videos on them.

2. Register Your Message Efficiently

Your videos allow your audience to understand your message better. They can remember it well and for longer periods of time. Do you know that 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual? Also, any kind of visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. So it is always better to opt for a mix of texts, graphical representation and video content if you really want to create a long-lasting impact on your users. It is not solely the message that you convey, but how effectively you convey it and video is the perfect way to do that.

3. Enrich Your Brand

It is not just a random video you are going to post here. You are making valuable content available to them. By shooting corporate videos and creating that value in them you can successfully add another dimension to your company’s profile and branding efforts. An interesting presentation about your company can easily show your customers the true personality of your business. They can get to know the people behind the logo, and a personal touch builds comfort and trust in your prospective buyers. This way they become closer to you.

4. Google Loves Videos And This Is Why You Should Too!

You must’ve noticed that Google now incorporates not just links in its search results, it also shows video and image results for the search phrase you type in. You get the most relevant images and video links alongside a written piece for the query you searched for. This lets businesses capitalize on this unique display of information. With a catchy title and video thumbnail, you can entice the viewer to watch the video and lead them to your website. So, it is very much in your favor to have a video up there as well.

5. Video Ensures Endurance

All other forms of media dissipate and vanish gradually from the leading search engines but your videos are not that easy to wipe out. They have a longer shelf life and they tend to stay relevant for a longer period of time. This also means that you can use and reuse your videos in different situations without editing them or updating them for the most part. Video production services are often helpful in creating long-lasting impressions and this is what a modern-day marketer is aiming for these days.

6. Be Unique, Be You

By designing and creating corporate videos with a reputable video production company, you are adding more uniqueness but also the professionalism to your brand. You can make it stand out. Videos can be developed for specific markets with specific focuses as well and this is what gives them a unique flavor as you move from one geographic or demographic to another. Your promotional and marketing videos can easily mimic the needs, preferences and moods or tastes, likes and dislikes of your audience.

7. Increase Your Customer Outreach and Your ROI

Why has YouTube emerged as the second largest search engine in the world? This is due to the high and rising preference of videos over texts by the end-user. This has prompted many organizations to create videos of their own to make their presence felt on this platform. YouTube and similar sites that host and let you upload and share videos provide you a viable platform to interact with your viewers. And this is why video marketing has been cited by experts as one of the best ways to drive new sales.

Research has shown that marketing professionals strongly believe that videos or motion graphics that are dynamic in nature, give them a better ROI. Also, social video generates 1200% more shares than the usual messages that comprise both texts and images. By associating with a reputable corporate video production company in India you can grow your revenues 49% faster than your peers in the industry that are still non-video users. Your videos also help you drive 157% more organic traffic to your websites and this is why 82% of businesses in a recent study conducted by Wyzowl feel that videos are an essential part of their marketing strategy.

At A Glance – Strong Reasons To Have A Solid Corporate Video Marketing Strategy In Place

  • Quick explainer videos help enhance awareness about your brand
  • You can provide actionable interactive media to the uneducated and underprivileged
  • Video is easy to share
  • Videos are interesting and fun to produce
  • They can impart training and knowledge
  • Expensive outdoor marketing has given way to more cost-effective video production
  • Offers a high degree of versatility

Closing Points

In the end, all we can say that as an organization you need to come up with a proper corporate video strategy if you really want to market and promote your brand. The preferences of users are ever-changing and so are their ways to consume media and information. You can cash in on it. You can make the most of this switch and generate more revenues. You have to stay abreast of the rapid advances in information and communication technology for this purpose. There is a very strong and viable reason for so many companies readily adopting corporate videos and creating a relevant and effective video production strategy. Not only are you going to ensure improved awareness about your offerings in general, but also increased retention of information among your customers and solid brand loyalty.