What’s trending online is the king! And Marriot-Bose episode has lacked nowhere to make the humble Banana a viral sensation. Though Twitter is loaded with #myrahulbosemoment, a host of brands such as Amazon Prime, Pizza Hut, Zomato, OYO, and more, have come out with cheeky ads to engage their target audience.

Didn’t get what’s going on? Welcome yourself to the era of marketing, where trends change every hour! It is not hard to find the leading hashtags nowadays. You need to determine what type of marketing is ruling. For instance, moment marketing doesn’t take a second to become a priority for brands.

Thanks to actor Rahul Bose for not paying the bill quietly and checking out the JW Marriot hotel!

#MyRahulBoseMoment: What is the Incident About?

On July 22, 2019, actor Rahul Bose made his stay in a prominent hotel, JW Marriot, in Chandigarh. After the gym, the actor ordered two bananas for which he received the bill of Rs 442. The moment he shared the bill on Twitter, the social media burst out with memes.

But, in between this, how did brands come out with their cheeky campaigns? The story is simple! Brands are smart enough to keep their ears on the ground and know what ideas or incidents are worth advertising on.

A Moment to Remember, A Moment to Advertise!

No doubt, the actor paid the bill, but the moment became a great opportunity for brands to engage with their target audience in a more relatable way. By picking up the main story, which is two bananas for an exorbitant amount, the brands come out with their effective strategy and reasonable pricing. Moreover, the brands have used bananas in their campaigns creatively.

Hashtags and Google search rule moment marketing and you don’t need to work much on keywords. Search “Bananas” on Google today and know the power of moment branding!

Putting the right message among the customers at the right time is the crucial factor of any campaign. And KFC did it successfully during the ice bucket challenge in 2014 through its copy line – Think inside the bucket!

Be it the moment of India vs. Pakistan and Father’s Day on the same day, 16 June 2019, or former cricket Yuvraj Singh’s retirement, branding never stops.

Amul cherished the Father’s day through its ad as Fathers of all matches where the brand ambassador blue-haired girl was holding the Indian flag.

On the other hand, brands such as Fevicol, Zomato, Indigo, Dunzo, Puma, and more paid tribute to former cricketer Yuvraj Singh on his retirement with heart-warming messages.

Act Now and Act Fast: A Game of Micro-moments Marketing!

Rahul Bose viral video has taken moment marketing out of the box. It has encouraged marketers and brand agencies to do the best job of addressing consumers’ requirements and enjoying a substantial competitive edge.

Many brand agencies avail of moment marketing at their best level. Because they pick moments that already have the public’s attention and use them for their ad campaigns.

To embrace moment marketing for long, we at Bigrox Media believe to work on the micro-moment marketing first. Talk about #MyRahulBoseMoment! The story was only about two bananas – yet, they have become the stars of various campaigns. Moment marketing is conversational.

So, the next time you plan on making a moment marketing calendar, keep in mind, moments happen without any plans. Stay updated or wait for a footballer to slip on his feet to see how the internet goes crazy over it.