Work towards a word that ensures safe and secures homes free of incest
abuse, through comprehensive awareness initiatives, collaborative
planning, policy research, advocacy and community action.


Negligible knowledge about incest among the people and the sensitivity of the issue was the major challenge that came in our way in this project. Majority of the people had no idea that something like this even existed in our society, specifically in our homes. So the message, that was to be conveyed, had to be extremely informative and a hard hitting one. Also, it had to be strong enough so that it left a deep impact on the audience and convincing enough so that it urged them to come out in open, report the crime and even stand firmly against it.

Wireframing to create logo
End incest logo

Our Role

The Bigrox Team spent a generous amount of time speculating the possible designs for the website and the logo and came out with website that has been successful in disseminating the right and concise information about incest to the people who are completely unaware of it. It also does a thorough research with its quintessential questionnaire that helps record the ground reality. The most important feature of the website remains the “Report Incest” button, which can be pressed by an incest victim anonymously, giving an approximate idea of the prevalence of incest in our homes. The victims can even share their stories and the information thus collected helps the End Incest team reach out to those in need.

Similarly, the logo has been designed with a well thought out plan and proper understanding of the issue. The bold colour, red, was chosen for the text as bold and powerful steps need to be taken to put an end to this abuse. The wire represents how the incest victims get caged and imprisoned in their our thoughts and guilt which prevent them from speaking out against incest in open.


A website had to be designed that raised awareness among the people about incest, aiming at creating a safer, abuse-free society. The website was supposed to cover all the major aspects of this social evil and also gather real time information about its occurrences in the real world. Hence, it would undertake a survey to have an idea about the prevalence of incest in our homes and bring forth the facts in front of the world. A logo was also to be designed that conveyed the precise message about this menace that has taken over our society and make the people think in the direction of attacking it on its very roots.

Project first screenshot
Project second screenshot
Project third screenshot

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