TEDx Chandigarh 2018, the biggest confluence of ideas, brought some very beautiful stories of renowned personalities out in the open in front of the curious audience.

Every story shared at the TEDx platform was worth an applause and a great deal of appreciation. The conference left each one of the listeners empowered with virtuous thoughts and unconventional perspectives about life. It brought to the fore how these esteemed speakers brought a change in their lives as well as in that of others, by pursuing their dreams fearlessly and combating all the hardships that came in their way.

Our Role

It was an honour for Team Bigrox to be the Branding Partner of TEDxChandigarh 2018. We were deeply influenced and moved to bring to practice, the pearls of wisdom, infused in us by the amazing speakers. The entire team of Bigrox was thrilled about the whole event. The people were made aware about this elite conference through Digital Signage, with strategically placed Bigrox screens playing videos of its promotion throughout the day. Offline Marketing of the event happened in full swing with full page advertisements in the leading newspapers and attention grabbing standees on display.

The team covered the whole event for the purpose of Video Production. Every member was amazed with their selcouth thinking and the incredible spirit with which they live their lives. Their words stirred everyone to the core, and the result was an engaging video of this big event.

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Major DP Singh

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