Maybe this year you have emphasized on your marketing objectives and messages. Maybe you have appealed to your consumers on a more relatable and personal level. And, in the end, what you get is your competitors getting ahead of you. Where does your brand awareness go then?

No doubt, marketing automation technology has helped get your products or brands in front of your target audience. However, a strong and creative approach is always essential because your brand and message are required to resonate with your intended customers.

Thus, you need to stay updated with the changing world of marketing. Mentioned below are the seven trends you may have missed about brand awareness. But you can’t miss them now!

1. Mobile enhances Customer-centricity

Think beyond the big box and head on to the small screens! The more you use the smart strategies, the more you engage customers. How? Think from the customers’ perspective! Where are they most of the time? From uploading food stories to capture interesting pictures, people are cool to share what they feel.

The evolution of mobile devices is the prime factor influencing the marketing world. As the focus is increasing to mobile and tablet screens, it is a great opportunity for brands to strike up a more personalized relationship with their consumers by leveraging the power of cell phones.

2. Authenticity and Transparency Define Brand-customer Relationships

To enhance the authenticity of your brand, be honest to your customers. You have to meet their expectations anyhow. Get to know about the authenticity level of your brand by answering these questions-

Do your consumers trust your brand?

How purposeful is your brand to your target audience?

Why are you in the market?

It is imperative to take your customers into a glimpse of your organization. Improvise your social media posts and updates, and show the public your brand’s humanity with efficient strategic brand management and methods.

For instance, treat your brand as a human being with a trait similar to your target customer. It will help you to strike the right tone; consumers will be able to feel the authenticity in your brand and will trust your services as well.

3. Live Streaming

Posting and scheduling your updates is not everything. You need to be active! Take a walk of talk with your customers via YouTube comments and social media platforms. The effective way is to go live to improve your brand awareness like never before.

Live video plays a vital role in a successful marketing strategy, and brand managers have noticed it. Video is the best tool to forge a genuine connection with your audience, and it develops more qualified leads.

You might be lacking in brand management if you are displaying pure promotion of your brand. Don’t do it! Viewers don’t watch pure promotion; instead, consider developing video content to showcase your brand or organization activities as a whole. It can bolster the authenticity as well.

4. Social Media Engagement

A social media platform is better to lift the veil and build your brand awareness. It can convey your message far and wide. Know what people are talking about your brand and how willing are they to investigate the ‘persona’ behind it.
If you are entertaining and authentic with your messaging, it can build a viral effect that can boost the awareness even of the smallest brands. Think of Uncle Jack! It doesn’t take a moment to hold a place in people’s hearts. By providing delicious snacks and allowing people to mark their check-ins online, they have established their name more than just a food hub.

5. Fishing for Eyeballs

In terms of marketing and advertising, every view counts as eyeballs. Brand awareness through digital marketing aims for many eyeballs. But before this, the main idea is to grab attention. You wish your users would stop scrolling their search engine page when your ad appears.
And then, you would love to express your brand via unique themes, colors, content placement, and more in the video.

So, how does your brand ad appears?

6. Influx of Influencers

One cannot discuss digital media marketing trends without acknowledging the ascendance of social influencers. Instagram is a great help here. You can help your loyal audiences to know more about your brand by posting what they love to see.
Moreover, every business should take into account the value of time and labor that goes into making content rather than performing alone.

7. Augmented Reality (AR) Triumphs

AR makes it easy for consumers to get information about the product. It further leads to see and experiment with products, create purchasing decisions, and directly engage with the brand.

Basically, AR is a technology of choice in the shopping journey that keeps customers in the real world rather than the fantasy world. For instance, Wayfair app (US) has helped customers to view actual furniture in their own home with suitable factors.

Branding has never been so exciting with new possibilities emerging every year, and 2019 is out with significance. Your brand needs excellence and awareness, and thus, brand marketing companies have lucrative solutions for you. You need to give your brand in professional hands.