The trend of mobile gaming has taken everyone by storm. From generating more revenue than their console counterparts, to becoming the most popular tool of advertising, mobile games have transformed the advertising industry.

Everyone is familiar with the troubled relationship of developers with advertisements. Stuffing games with ads does not sound cool to the developers, and somehow it is alright if they want to cut out the distraction that kills the players’ experience. The advertising industry has been exploring diverse tools and mediums to penetrate deep into the mind of users and make maximum money out of it.

It is rather surprising that players have started accepting the sudden ad pop-ups in the middle of their Ninja moves or intense military operation. The recent study shows that in-game advertising creates no fuss for the players if it enables them to play for free. More than 71% of players have finally accepted the compensation of free gaming experience with untimed ad pop-ups.

What matters the most is a thoughtful and aggressive strategy that does not put the player’s experience to death and supports in achieving the monetary objective as well.

It has been observed that the majority of users don’t mind the sudden visit of rewarding advertisements during the games. There is an astonishing fact that rewarding video ads have changed the mindset of users and encourages them to spend on mini-transactions. This is definitely a game-changer for the advertisers. The rewarding ads basically push the user to watch an advertisement to unlock the next level or may offer some in-game bonuses.

The marketing and advertising specialists have also accepted mobile games as one of the effective and powerful media to reach users. The mobile gaming market has also seen rapid advancement in technology that can be used for creating rich media ads like MRAID (mobile rich media Ad interface definitions), VAST (video ad serving template) or VPAID (video player Ad-serving interface definition).

The growing community of mobile gamers has flooded brands with untapped opportunities. The amount of time the mobile gamers are spending on their devices is more than sufficient for the marketing professionals to tap their target users with an impressive brand strategy. The huge potential returns and an excellent platform to showcase the brand is a win-win situation. A shout out to all the advertisers to start exploiting this medium, and use innovative Ad formats to attract the users.