7 Sure Shot Ways To Optimize Your Website For Better Sales Numbers

Marketers around the world are taking the efficiency and responsiveness of their website pretty seriously. They want to see bigger numbers when it comes to recording their monthly sales. Let’s dive straight into it. Let us discover the several ways to optimize your website and get more sales.

What About The Mobile-First Approach?

Google has already rolled out the mobile-first index. According to this index, the mobile friendliness and mobile responsive layout are going to be considered for the purpose of indexing any website. If you haven’t made your website mobile friendly, you cannot ensure higher sales volume. Following are a few ways to make your website more mobile friendly:

  • Make your website adaptive to all the devices and screen sizes available in the market
  • Scaling of your images and other interactive content is a critical part of a responsive website design
  • Your meta-titles and descriptions need to be shortened for easy mobile use
  • Long-form content should be avoided if you want to generate more traffic and secure better rankings for your mobile website

Keyword Research For Efficient And Result-Oriented Website SEO

All search engine optimization begins with carefully done keyword research. The current search landscape that your user is exposed to will determine the keywords they are using to search for you on the internet. You can use Google Keyword Planner for this purpose. You will be able to discover a wide range of relevant search terms and also find out how often they are used by your users to look for your website online. The identified keywords and phrases are used to optimize your website content for better ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating keyword-rich content is not the only way to carry out search engine optimization for your website. However, it is also not a daunting task once you move beyond the familiar grounds of content creation. For starters, do not forget to look into the following aspects of your website:

  • Your website should qualify as being mobile friendly
  • Always check for status code errors and rectify them on time
  • Also make sure to check your site indexing via Google Search Console
  • Auditing of your website content is also useful and gives you useful statistics through Google Analytics
  • Fix all the content issues such as duplicate title tags and wrong meta descriptions
  • Fix all your broken links as soon as possible
  • Submitting your XML sitemap to Google through the Google Search Console is a smart move as well

Speed Up Your Pages To Optimize Website Conversions

Website Optimization

Increasing the speed of your website also helps you rank higher in the search engine results pages and this can be achieved through the following steps:

  • Start by minimizing http requests for all the different parts of your page such as images, scripts and CSS
  • Make your JavaScript load after all the important files have loaded up
  • Reduce all the file sizes by compressing them
  • Reduce DNS lookup time
  • Minimize and optimize large image sizes across your website for better conversion
  • Improve server response times
  • Keep your redirects to a bare minimum
  • Use minimum number of plugins

Building An Interesting Menu / Navigation System – One Of The Most Effective Website Optimization Strategies

  • Your navigation menu should be big enough so that it can be seen from at least 5 feet away
  • Using the clearest and easiest to understand font is a very good move on your part
  • Go for descriptive and short menu headers
  • Stick to 5 to 8 menu headers for a clutter free end user experience

Keep all these visual elements consistent across your website

Include Attractive Call-To-Action

Including a clearly visible call to action button is very important if you want to optimize your website to get more sales. You will get only 3 to 5 seconds to engage your visitor and attract them to your CTA.

  • Every call-to-action button should appeal to your visitor
  • Not all your call-to-action buttons need to go on your landing page
  • Include some CTA links / buttons to your blog posts as well
  • Incorporate A/B testing to identify the best and the most attractive CTAs to increase your click-through
  • Pay close attention to your analytics to identify which CTA buttons are the most effective

Social Media Inclusion

Your visitors are going to assume by default that you are an active user of social media. They will rely on social media channels such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and several other social platforms to verify your authenticity. Therefore, add “follow” and “share” icons in your headers and footers. Be more descriptive about the value you will be adding to their lives when they join your social media circle online. This will help your website come across as more humane and relatable to your audience.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of points that we still haven’t covered when it comes to website optimization. However, we have tried to cover the most common, easily understandable and relatable aspects of your website that you need to focus on to optimize your web pages and make more sales. For more such insights, do visit Bigroxmedia today.