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It is a fact that Facebook Custom Audiences provide some of the best targeting available. They are categorized as defined as groups of people who have good relationships with your business. With more than 1.50 billion daily active users, advertisers got a vast potential audience through Facebook campaigns. It encourages you to reach your target audience who are interested in your business, leading to minimize your ad spend and boost ROI.

Also, custom audiences can be utilized to make lookalike audiences such as new followers, potential fans, and consumers who share key features with your existing fans and audience.

How Custom Audiences Come with Types?

Custom Audiences and Customer Lists

Consumer lists provide a way for you to let Facebook know about the current relationship you have with consumers that cannot be mapped through the Facebook pixel or Facebook engagement. For instance, you might have a considerable list of newsletter subscribers or past consumers. These people have expressed an interest in your business. However, Facebook has no way to identify them unless you share a list.

Make sure of one thing that you can only upload that from consumers who have given you access to advertise to them. You cannot use a purchased consumer list.

Custom Audiences and Website

Facebook can match your website visitors, once the Facebook pixel is installed on your site. With this information, you can get a custom audience that targets all the visitors of your website, or to re-market people to recent products they have visited. While you can set the time frame for how much in the back you want to go, you can choose to target only your most latest website visitors.

You are missing out the Facebook marketing strategy if you haven’t installed the Facebook pixel yet. And, also you are missing out on the rich source of data.

Custom Audiences and Mobile App

After the app registration is done and the SDK on Facebook for developers website is set up, you can make a Custom Audience who can interact with you through your app.

It is a type of custom audience that can be an excellent basis for app engagement campaigns as you can target people who have downloaded your app but might not be using it yet. People who have made in-app purchases can attain a certain level in this game. In the world of mobile, the formation of apps is mandatory to lead in the competitive world.

How to Use Your Facebook Custom Audience

Once you have created one of more Facebook custom audiences, they are simple to use. Just follow these steps-

  • Open Facebook Ads Manager After Creating the Ad.
  • Set up your ad by following the instructions. If you are a beginner to Facebook advertising, you meet to follow some steps with a guide to Facebook ads.
  • Set the ad to reach your selected custom audience.
  • Refresh your targeting options. For instance, if you are monitoring a campaign to provide a discount to new consumers, make sure to exclude the present customers from your custom audience targeting for that specific ad.
  • Define your budget and timing and all set to go.

However, there is a technical side of using Facebook Custom Audiences. You also have to think of how to use them strategically. Here are some of the ideas-

Facebook Custom Audiences for Re-marketing

Re-marketing is an efficient way to make people remember the products they are interested in. It encourages them to make a purchase.

Reach Your Most Likely repeat Customers

The current customers know and trust your brand. Therefore, advertising to them can produce higher conversion rates than trying to reach first-time buyers. It is simpler to convince a satisfied consumer to make a second purchase than it is to achieve a new consumer in the first place.

Grow Your Facebook Following

Here is an answer to how to find your target audience as people who are already in touch with your business would make great Facebook page followers. Most of them follow your page while few of them know you have a Facebook page. Thus, you should expand your social media presence.

Therefore, one can build a strategic Facebook custom audience with active social media marketing and Facebook insights.