Social media is enticing for people in many ways. Some use it to check the number of likes on their Facebook posts, some likes to scroll down the newsfeed on Twitter while some like to stalk their crush secretly on Instagram.

But, the story changes when using social media for marketing. You can’t bring likes to your brand page as simple as your friends like your profile picture on Facebook within a minute. Also, It is hard to determine the trending hashtags to make your post reach high.

Then, how should you place yourself where the audience is in large numbers, but engaging is not easy? No matter which tactics you apply to accomplish your social media presence, you can’t neglect your audience’s behavior at every step.

Running a social media campaign for businesses is a tough nut to crack – you need to understand how your product can fulfill your audience’s expectations. Also, building a social media strategy should be so precise that it helps to enhance your brand’s social visibility.


Recall the prominent successful social media campaigns. If you research, you can find how the brands such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Oreo, Gillette, and more have marked their visibility not only on customers’ screens but also on their minds.

However, on the other hand, you can’t land on social media platforms like a free-entry club. A lot of such marketing campaigns exist that have left marketers with a red face.

Therefore, before initiating your social media campaign, have a look at the stories of social media marketing campaigns that are good, bad, and ugly. You can learn a lot from them.

Social Media Campaigns Ideas: The Success is Behind People’s Reactions!

The Good: Oreo made Dunking on Social Media Possible!

Beautifully maintained a spark in their communication, Oreo somehow managed to savor the public’s buds. Be its artistic outlook campaign, Oreo has inclined towards the visual aspects of marketing and effectively attracts maximum eyeballs through its compelling cocktail of thoughts.

On the other hand, the brand has integrated products in their stories. Who doesn’t know a story beyond twisting, licking, and dunking? Moreover, it has rocked the social media with prominent hashtags Play with cookies (#twistyourride), You can still dunk in the dark (#powerout), and turning the cookie into ingredient itself (#snackhacks)

In simple terms, the brand has never failed to roll its cookie on the right path.

The Bad: A World of Imagination where Celebrities Book Uber Cabs

No doubt, the social media marketing strategy is right to popularize your product via a famous face. But, Uber India should know the perception of its target audience before introducing the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador.

Coming out with the #MoveForward is fine, but the users questioned the brand if celebrities use the cabs hailing app. However, the brand in its social media posts mentioned Virat Kohli in large, which didn’t take the #MoveForward ahead.

Social media is unpredictable. You never know about the specific reaction from your audience. Thus, brands need to consider their customers and be realistic about their weaknesses.

The Ugly: It was Never as Long as Advertised by Subway

Once, Matt Corby, a Subway customer, ordered the fast-food chain’s signature, “Foot Long” sub. After having his seat with the meal, he noticed that the sandwich appeared smaller than advertised.

For confirmation, he measured it and found it was 11 inches long, but the advertisement displayed, it was a foot long.

He captured the picture and posted online with the message ‘Subway please respond.’

This picture by a customer came out to be the nightmare for Subway to respond. However, some customers filed a lawsuit against the brand for false advertising.

And thus, Subway fails to set #footlong as its trend.

No matter how prominent your brand is, one wrong step, and you get off track. Hashtags play an essential role in social media campaigns. You need to use them diligently by keeping in mind the perspectives of the audience.

Moreover, before landing your campaign on social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, research well about the previous campaigns and their results.

Social media is made to be spontaneous and work for B2B social media campaign ideas as well. So, before embarking on any social media marketing venture, be sure to have a plan in place.

Happy Branding!