It is said that “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. In a world saturated with different tales, every person is a storyteller. What matters the most is its presentation, what makes it worth reading and how does it influence others? Media today is bombarded with news stories, and everybody is struggling to get some limelight. Amidst this noisy world, is your sound loud enough to reach the brand makers?

If it is about making or breaking the brand’s image, then engaging media should top the ‘to-do list’. A brand is all about a powerful story that is being narrated in the most majestic way. Being expansive does not mean spending like a maniac on promotions and distributing goodies to the group of pseudo-journalists, it is much more meaningful. Establishing a brands image begins from positioning your story to the right set of people at the right time. It should have all the elements to engage the media and readers to pick your piece. This would certainly need some extra efforts, out of the box thinking and dash of uniqueness.

As communicators, we are well aware of pitching reporters and editors for elevating a news story or even getting it picked at first instance. Good relations with media are like investments that give guaranteed returns. Like a perfect meal, every story has to be prepared with patience and served with finesse. One well-placed news article can do wonders for the reputation of a brand.

Primarily, it is about digging amazing stories about the brand which are worth reading and then pushing them to the right set of audiences. Keep it real, it is essential to tell what you are than fabricating what you are not. The next step is identifying the media houses that can put the brand on a pedestal. A media outlet planning a story on the world cup will never be interested in the cakes you are selling. The world cup story can definitely be combined with the creative selling of customized cakes for sports lovers. It’s how you link your story with the ideas of the reporters, and in other words, this is the art of selling an idea.

This is the age when media is reluctant in doing favors, so offer what they want and serve it hot with a topping. The reporters are like travelers who have their backpacks full of ideas, but it’s the communicators who help them choose the story that has all the chapters of a successful and memorable voyage.